Mental Health

Understanding mental health is vital for educating, empowering, and reducing stigma as well as improving mental well-being for individuals and society.

'Now You Are Here': For those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's

Sarah Goldstein’s fourth book, Now You Are Here: Navigating Nursing Home Care for a Loved One, was specifically written for those caring for a loved one residing in a nursing home.

The Netflix logo is seen on their office in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, US July 16, 2018.

Netflix portrayals of violence diminish teens' understanding of pain

Popular Netflix media commonly portrays pain in the context of violence, trivializing other forms of pain that adolescents can experience, such as chronic pains or menstrual pains.

Love isn't simple in a time of war

Workshops heal trauma that overshadows couples’ connection during a country's darkest period.

Kfar Saba supports reservists: Surfing course and mental health care

Kfar Saba has opened a surfing course for mental health care with dialogue sessions with a psychotherapist for recent ex-soldiers.


How yoga is helping Israelis heal from the October 7 massacre

Maccabi World Union assists communities affected by the war, survivors of the Supernova festival, and shell-shocked soldiers.


Making soldiers smile: The reservists who make it their mission to help mental recovery

Meet Dush and Jonam, two medical clowns enlisted in the Home Front Rehabilitation Center, where soldiers in need of long-term mental health care are sent.

Health taxes are to be reflected by your income: higher income means higher health taxes

Discover Israel's progressive healthcare tax reform: higher-income earners to pay more, lower-income earners less. Mental health services are prioritized.

War deprives women and youth of sufficient psychological therapists

84% of the female respondents answered that they had experienced mental harm, and 24% answered that they had already sought mental help or had become interested in it.

Depression, anxiety rates among Israeli children spike since Oct. 7 - expert

A recent study reports a recent rise in depression rates in children. An Israeli expert notes a similar increase in Israel after the October 7 massacre.

Protests spark as gov't plans psychiatric hospital emergency room fees

Protesters began demonstrating after the Health and Finance Ministries announced plans to charge NIS 600-800 for psychiatric emergency room visits.

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