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Explore the latest developments in Israel's vibrant real estate landscape and discover captivating new residential projects.

The restoration begins: Plan approved to transform Ofakim from end to end

Significant boost to the South: Israel Land Authority approves expansion of 'Afikei Nahal' neighborhood with 5,800 new apartments and extensive commercial and public spaces.

Is there a solution to Israel’s foreign worker crisis? "My Outline" launched

To reduce worker shortages in various industries, especially construction, the government will approve Yossi Shelley's outline, aimed at lowering contractor costs and reducing the cost of living.

Registration opening soon for discount apartment lottery

Construction and Housing Ministry announces upcoming discount apartment lottery registration, giving priority to active reservists. Find out how many apartments will be raffled and where.

Evacuees' return to the South: Hundreds of apartments approved in quick procedure

The National Planning and Construction Council approved an exemption for 300+ housing units for Kfar Gaza evacuees in Kibbutz Ruchama, mostly from Kibbutz Shafiim.

Surprising price: Tel Aviv entrance land sold for surprising price

Israel Land Authority announces winners of the tender for 528 apartments at the IMI Systems Hashalom complex entrance. Who won and for how much?

End factory noise: Peace for town residents

Putting an end to the noise from the factory: Machines are seized by the Land Enforcement Authority for prohibited use, posing an environmental hazard to nearby settlement residents.

Israel already employing 28,000 Palestinians; Renovation sector in crisis

Renovation Contractors Association finds 20% hiring Palestinians without entry permits due to manpower shortage.

Rising prices in Israel: Impact on second-hand apartments? View this week's deals

Amid the economic celebration, are second-hand apartment prices soaring in your city too? Explore this week's transactions in the used apartment market.

City in decline: No buyers for Kiryat Shmona apartments, in existential peril

Despite signs of recovery in other war-torn cities, Kiryat Shmona remains deserted, with a staggering 95% drop in real estate transactions. Is it worth considering an investment? We investigate.

Ghost apartments: How empty homes haunt Jerusalem's housing landscape

The term “ghost apartments” remain unoccupied for extended periods, often year-round. This is how they profoundly impact the housing market in Israel's capital.

Government approves M2 metro line plan: Cities it passes through

Good news for Gush Dan residents: the government greenlights the M2 metro line's route today, spanning 25km from Holon's Yoseftal interchange to Petah Tikva's Segulah area. Which cities will benefit?

Contractors Warn: War & Turkish boycott impact on construction

The Contractors Association's scathing letter to PM and finance minister warns of industry collapse due to labor shortage and Turkey's boycott, urging immediate action to avert a crisis.

Decade-Long struggle resolved: New Hospital in Be'er Sheva set to proceed

After a decade-long struggle, Be'er Sheva's second hospital is finally underway, promising improved healthcare for the Negev • Sheba Hospital to manage construction and operation.

Israel's first urban renewal plan under Shaked Alternative approved

Fast-track progress: Ashkelon municipality advances urban renewal plan in Afridar neighborhood as part of 'Shaked' alternative, aiming to reduce protection gaps and renew living environments quickly.

City of David: Jerusalem's ancient capital and modern vision

The City of David remains a captivating blend of archaeological wonder and contemporary life, offering visitors a compelling journey through layers of civilizations.

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