Everything you need to know about Judaism and being Jewish: the weekly Torah portion, Jewish holidays, Jewish rituals and more.

Have you heard about the blessing for the trees?

In the month of Nisan, just once a year, and only in the spring, we go out to recite the blessing over the trees.

Going against the grain? Understanding the Passover kitnyot debate

Ashkenazi Jews have a longstanding prohibition on eating kitniyot, and it is one that persists to this day in Israel and remains a major divisive discussion. Ahead of Passover, we look into why.


'Kaddish Around the World': Stories of Jewish mourners struggling to pray

The book describes the supreme efforts of mourners to find a minyan, a prayer quorum of 10 men, in many countries and in the most unlikely places for the recitation of the Mourner’s Kaddish


JewQ finalists compete in Connecticut, inspiring unity across borders

The JewQ International Championship celebrated Jewish knowledge and tradition with competitions, educational videos, and community engagement.

'It's Not B'Seder': Injecting some fun into Passover

It’s Not B’Seder, which in Hebrish (Hebrew-English) means “It’s not okay,” can also mean “It’s not in the Seder.” Strictly speaking, the content in the book is not part of the Seder ritual.

'Empowering Seder Conversations': Making Passover Seder inclusive

It includes contributions from 35 Torah scholars, friends, and “heroes who contribute beautiful and inspiring pieces of Torah while facing daily speech, language, and disability struggles.”

As Passover and Earth Day coincide, movement calls on Jews to go vegan

JVL has launched a major campaign called Passover Earth Day, asking people to take a pledge and go vegan.


Solution to antisemitism: Show the world that Judaism has become Zionism

A recognition that we are in Judaism 3.0 would turn the Israel-basher into a Jew-basher, and thus he would be deterred.


Four Passover conversations with God

We all possess characteristics of each child, and during Passover we conduct each of these four conversations in parallel.

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