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Ancient art and fossils: Study reveals early humans' understanding of dinosaurs

A recent study suggests prehistoric humans in Brazil created petroglyphs near dinosaur tracks, indicating intentional association. The findings may reshape views on ancient cultures and paleontology.

Technion team discovers important adaptive strategy of the microbiome, impacting immune system

The study focused on species of the Bacteroidales order, some of the most abundant species in the human gut microbiome.

Massive stars may get magnetic fields when two stars merge together - study

Massive stars should not be able to have magnetic fields, but around 7% of them do anyway. A recent study found that this could be caused by stellar mergers.

Alexey Izmalkov

Remote work cuts car travel and emissions but hurts public transit ridership

The rise in remote work during the pandemic has both environmental benefits, such as reduced carbon emissions, and challenges for public transit systems.

Stealth in schools: Fish noise reduction and the future of submarines

Fish swimming in schools create surprising stealth underwater, mimicking just one fish's noise. Research by Johns Hopkins offers insights for quieter submarines.

This multifunctional system can send drugs where they can be effective in body’s tissues, organs

Drug delivery is a broad field of research that involves the development of new carrier systems and materials for effective therapeutic conveyance.

IAA discovers rare 6,000-year-old elephant ivory vessel near Beersheba

The discovery provides evidence of ties between this region and Egypt in the Chalcolithic period.

Amphibians use scream inaudible to humans for self-defense against predators, new study suggests

Researchers in South America have recorded the use of ultrasound by a frog for defense against predators, a first in the region, shedding light on amphibian behavior.

Self-dyeing, plastic-free vegan leather can be grown from bacteria, study shows

Their new process could also theoretically be adapted to have bacteria grow materials with various patterns and vibrant colors and to make more sustainable alternatives to other textiles.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Captured from Union, Missouri

Total solar eclipse: What is it, where is it, and why is it dangerous to look at it?

Total solar eclipses are rare, not often occurring in the same place for a very long time. What makes it special? Why can't we look directly at it? Here's what you should know.

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