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Asteroid the size of 89 wolverines to pass Earth on Monday, March 25 - NASA

Asteroid 2021 CF6 will pass the Earth on March 25 in time for the Shushan Purim holiday. It's the size of 89 wolverines – the animal, not the superhero or the University of Michigan team (go blue!)


Asteroid the size of 543 McDonald's French fries to pass Earth Friday - NASA

Asteroid 2024 FK1 is set to pass the Earth soon. The Jerusalem Post social media manager Noemi Szakács has asked me to measure it in French fries, so here it is.


Standard model debunked? Scientists say dark matter is impossible, never existed

Dark matter is supposed to be vital to the universe. A study by uOttawa's Prof. Rajendra Gupta claims that it isn't real and never existed, shattering the standard model of cosmology.

  John Cena asteroid illustration

Asteroid the size of 16.5 John Cenas to pass Earth on Friday, March 15 - NASA

Asteroid 2024 EK3, around the size of three and a half adult female American bison (aka buffalo), and 2020 FU, the size of 16.5 John Cenas will pass Earth on the day Julius Caesar was killed.


Scientists witness the 'winds' dispersing the gas of planetary formation - study

The discovery sheds light on the age-old mysteries of how planets are formed, and in particular how much time young worlds have to consume gas before it drifts away.


Earth used as test subject for mission to study exoplanets for life - study

Researchers in Switzerland used NASA to study Earth as if they were 30 light years away as a test for the LIFE mission to study exoplanets.


Researchers find 'excessively' large red supermassive black hole in early universe - study

A large and red supermassive black hole was found in a distant galaxy during the early years of the universe is excessively big for its galaxy, raising more questions about early galaxy formation.


NASA wanted to change an asteroid's orbit. It also changed the asteroid's shape - study

NASA sent the DART mission to hit an asteroid to try and change its orbit.


US achieves first moon landing in half century with private spacecraft

The proliferation of commercial space ventures has itself been driven by leaps in technology in recent decades.


Scientists find neutron star in heart of supernova, solving decades-old puzzle - study

The discovery of the neutron star at the center of the supernova finally puts to an end a mystery that has puzzled scientists for over three decades. 

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