Jerusalem Post Aliyah Portal

The Jerusalem Post, Israel's largest English-speaking media outlet, is launching an aliyah portal, to bring you all the resources you need to prepare for a move to Israel - and to be successful when you get to Israel. Enjoy the inspiration!

From Argentina to the Air Force: Yael Berolsky's incredible aliyah story

'There is no better place in the world for Jews to live,” says Berolsky. “I am so glad to be here, and very proud to be an Israeli.'


A Zionist story from the founding days of the State of Israel

'I am experiencing the birth pangs of the state... This time I am fighting for my country, for my homeland, not just words,' Levin wrote.


Artist Lea Gul's journey: Muslim upbringing in Turkey to Jewish life in Jerusalem

Mother of four and convert to Judaism, Lea Gul, overcame many obstacles to get where she is today. 

From Iran to Israel: How it feels to be in the IDF and Iranian army - report

From one day in the Iranian army, D. cannot tell much - except that the food in the IDF has superior food.

Florida woman comes to Israel so often she ends up making aliyah

"Every time I left Israel, I always felt I would come back." Jordan Weil's aliyah journey.


Leslie Windman: A Maryland chiropractor making adjustments in Israel

During the war, Leslie Windman has been using this skill – honed over 30 years of practice in Maryland – as a volunteer, easing aches and pains for soldiers serving across Israel.

Nicky Cregor: A British olah with a profound impact on Israel

Nicky Cregor made aliyah at 19 and went on to receive a degree in social work from the University of Haifa. Now, she's assumed a new administrative post at the Jerusalem Municipality.


This Colombian olah promotes cohesion and prosperity in Israeli society

Nicole is CEO of the Merage Foundation Israel, a private philanthropy to initiate and advance transformational programs in the areas of Negev development, aliyah, and social resilience.


Move to Israel now, new private campaign tells Diaspora Jewry

The campaign calls for Jews to commit 'Davka' (doing the opposite of what they are told) and move to Israel now.

Stan Fischler is one of the world's greatest hockey writers. Now he lives in Israel

Hockey fans accustomed to Stan Fischler’s eloquence describing hockey may find his fervor in describing the beauty of northern Israel surreal, but it is authentic. 

Masa Israel Journey identifies increasing interest in aliyah

Even amid the Iron Swords war, many choose to make aliyah

Nefesh B’Nefesh inaugurates int. medical Aliyah program to solve Israel’s shortage of physicians

This will include expediting medical license processing and license conversions and documentation. Additionally, the program will connect doctors with Israeli medical professionals.

This woman from Ukraine discovered Judaism as a child and moved to Israel

She learned Hebrew, Jewish history, songs and folk dancing, and all about the Jewish holidays. She loved it all.


Jerusalem academic institutions host student olim from around the world at Higher Education Fair

Some 500 young Olim attended an open house fair at Nefesh B’Nefesh’s campus in Jerusalem, where they explored the many academic opportunities available in the city.

Adeena Sussman: Came to Israel for love, stayed for food

Adeena Sussman’s career has continued to take off since arriving in Israel. To date, she has authored or co-authored 15 cookbooks.

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