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Americana meets meshuggeneh at a museum exhibit about MAD magazine

Nathan Abrams, in an article on MAD’s Jewish sensibility, argues that in the 1950s and ’60s the magazine “marinated in the same urban Jewish culture” that produced the New York Intellectuals.


Newly revealed existence of Neanderthals with Down syndrome places special emphasis on caregiving

The study, which was published late last month in the journal Science Advances, centers its findings on how disabled individuals among the Neanderthal population were often cared for.

Everything you need to know about backpacking solo

Choosing a destination depends on your interests, experience level, and safety considerations—research destinations known for being solo traveler-friendly, such as Europe, New Zealand, and Japan

Top 5 most dangerous roads in the world

From Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand to BR-319 in Brazil. Here are five of the world's most dangerous roads.

Uri Geller: Aliens built the Jerusalem Temple, may help Israel during war

Israeli mystifier and entertainer Uri Geller claims that aliens built monuments like Stonehenge and the biblical Temple in Jerusalem, and reaffirms the benevolent nature of these aliens.


10 mind-blowing reasons Trump thinks Norway’s schools are better

These elements make the Norwegian education system not just unique, but also highly effective in preparing students for life and work.

Israeli-American mogul Irving Pergament reaches for the stars on the 'Galactic 007'

"My life is a blend of my love for my family, my professional success, philanthropy work, and a continual chase after the thrill of flight, now reaching for the stars," Irving says.

Uri Geller seen in front of an Iranian flag and a missile launch (illustrative)

Uri Geller: 'I played a part in bringing down the Iranian drone attack on Israel'

This article is a preview of a fuller wide-ranging discussion with Geller on the Israel-Hamas War and Israeli public diplomacy. The full interview will be in this weekend's Jerusalem Post Magazine.


‘F*** Hamas’ shirt may offend other passengers, flight attendant tells traveller

The man claimed that a flight attendant on Virgin Atlantic told him his 'f*** Hamas' shirt could be offensive to other passengers.

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