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Taylor Swift joins Forbes billionaire list after successful 'Eras' tour

Reports by Forbes claimed that the Eras Tour has grossed to date $1.04 billion just for its first 60 shows alone.

Botswana threatens to send 20,000 elephants to 'roam free' in Germany

Germany is the largest importer of African elephant hunting trophies, and animal welfare groups have pressured the government to restrict the practice.

Pro-Palestinian student protesters call emergency services over tampon concerns

The protesters were concerned that one of the demonstrators would suffer from Toxic Shock Syndrome if she didn't change her tampon.

Is King Charles the unluckiest name in royalty history?

Is it true that Charles is an unlucky name for a monarch? Here, we take a look at some of the unfortunate holders of that royal moniker.

How many matchsticks must be added to form three squares?

TikTok challenges viewers to add matches to create three squares. Can you figure out how many matches are needed and where to place them?

Jewish comedian Lena Dunham discovers her family’s Holocaust story on PBS’ ‘Finding Your Roots’

The PBS series has previously uncovered the Jewish histories of rock star Alanis Morissette, who also discovered her family’s Holocaust history, as well as Pamela Adlon, Dustin Hoffman and others.


Several women on TikTok claim they were punched in the face on the street by strangers in NYC

There are numerous testimonies from women on the app, all telling similar accounts that they were on their phones or looking down, and all of a sudden, they were punched in the face. 

1 of 40: Solve the following exercise by moving only one match

A recent TikTok challenge has gone viral, requiring participants to solve an exercise by moving only one match, enhancing their thinking skills.

King Charles met with faith leaders in first appearance since starting cancer treatment

This commitment to interfaith dialogue has been a central part of King Charles's work even before his accession to the throne, highlighted by his effort to ensure all major religions were represented


Tarot expert says Israel may win Eurovision if Eden Golan lets the song speak for itself

"Golan should not be afraid of the reactions, and if she remains elegant and does not get emotional, it will do her the best service." Sagie Mendelbaum reads Tarot card for Eden Golan.

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