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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is the military force responsible for safeguarding the security of the State of Israel. Comprising of ground, air, and naval components, the IDF plays a central role in defending Israel's borders, conducting operations, and maintaining a state of readiness.

'Egyptians don't see Israeli determination to defeat Hamas,' Mid. East expert says

Insights into Egypt's concerns amidst Israeli-Hamas negotiations: Doubts about Israel's resolve to eliminate Hamas and potential fallout for the region.


'Mom, I can no longer be in the army': Female IDF soldiers reveal hellish recruitment process

Harsh treatment of female soldiers: abused, humiliated, and pressured to enlist as observers following October 7 events, leading to anxiety, trauma, and severe consequences.


Meet Brig.-Gen. Yael Grossman, one of the highest-ranked women in the IDF

IDF Brig.-Gen. Yael Grossman talked about her unit's impact on Iran, tunnel warfare, precision warfare, and humanitarian aid, Oct. 7 resilience, and breaking glass ceilings.

Pilot to 'Post': Defense op most meaningful flight of my career'

At approximately 10 p.m. on Saturday night, N and his fellow pilots were alerted that it was time to take to the skies.

Charges pressed against Jerusalem man who built and distributed pipe bombs

Charges were filed against Mohammed Mahisan for his connection with terrorist organizations, manufacturing and distributing pipe bombs, incendiary bottles, fireworks, and more.


Should Iran be afraid of Israel's long-range attack capabilities?

In the event of an all-out war, the damage Israel will cause to those countries that attack it is tens of times greater than their ability to harm Israel.

Ex-IDF maj.-gen.: Halevi, Kohavi overemphasized intel. over combat forces

Former Deputy Chief of Staff Uzi Dayan discussed an IDF document with Prof. Aryeh Eldad and Ron Koffman, criticizing Kohavi and Halevi for overemphasizing intelligence.


Journalist says the IDF needs haredim to safeguard West Bank settlements

Reporter and military commentator Yossi Yehoshua spoke with Ben Caspit and Prof. Aryeh Eldad about IDF Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yehuda Fox's plan to recruit ultra-Orthodox.

By 103FM

How many Haredim can the IDF really absorb in near future? - Explainer

This week, the IDF also leaked a potential plan for having Haredim serve as border security in the West Bank without having to formally join the IDF.

IFCJ fortifies Israel’s North with new armored vehicles, security

The vehicles, all specially designed and armored Chevrolet Silverados, will allow senior municipal officials and security personnel to be able to reach communities under rocket fire and other threats

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