Diaspora Jewry is the collective name for the Jewish communities outside of the Land of Israel. Historically, these communities go back to big historical events like the Babylonian exile, the siege of Jerusalem and the expulsion from Spain. Today, the biggest Diaspora communities exist in the United States, France, Canada, the UK and Russia.

Jewish pop star Pink shuts down anti-Hanukkah commenter in viral interaction

The commenter accused Pink of being "tone deaf" for her menorah picture and wishes for global peace.

UK Jewish woman left unconscious after brutal attack

Two women were filmed continuing to kick the victim as she lay on the ground unconscious.

Somebody should ‘blow up’ Jewish conference, says disgraced UK academic

The BBC confirmed that the incident involving Sociologist Harriet Bradley is being investigated by the police.

Jewish students are hiding who they are as antisemitism surges - opinion

Yeshiva University president Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman on the surge of hate on US campuses.


French man sentenced to 12 years in prison for antisemitic attack

During the heinous attack, the perpetrators tied up the couple, ransacked their home for cash under the stereotype that "Jews don’t put money in the bank," and subjected the young woman to rape.


Over 40% of UK Jews feel threatened by antisemitic conspiracy beliefs

Over 40% of Jews living in the UK reported feeling threatened by the widespread belief in conspiracies aimed at them.


This Greek Christian woman dedicated her life to an ancient synagogue

Meska has worked for the local municipality since 2002, guiding visitors around the synagogue. Among the visitors were Holocaust survivors, some of them former residents of the town.


Rabbi quits Harvard's antisemitism committee, says system is evil

The rabbi stressed that he believes that Harvard University is "still a repository of extraordinary minds and important research."

‘All about light overcoming darkness’: How US Jews are celebrating Hanukkah

“We’re in a time of awful antisemitism, historic levels,” Kulbersh said. “I think the idea of inviting our non-Jewish allies to add their light to ours in a time of darkness has really moved people.”


This Hanukkah, Kamala Harris will have 3 menorahs that represent Jewish joy and trauma

Each menorah carries symbolism, representing the triumphs or tragedies of Jewish history.

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