Global Investment Forum puts Abraham Accords into action - watch

In partnership with Global Media Holding and the Khaleej Times


The Jeruslaem Post, together with its partners Morroco’s Global Media Holding and the United Arab Emirates’ Khaleej Times, put the Abraham Accords into action last week with a Global Investment Forum. The event included CEOs, director-generals and major thought leaders from the fields that matter most to the Gulf countries: water, energy, agriculture, tourism and banking. 

Participants included Ali Seddiki, General Director of the Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Development; Khalid Nasr, Executive General Manager of the Bank of Africa-BMCE Group; Paul Packer, CEO of Globis Capital Management; Amit Lang, CEO of Mekorot; Abderrahim El Hafidi, Director General of ONEE, the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water; Eitan Neishlos, Founder and President of Neishlos Foundation and Neishlos Capital;  Dr. Raphael Nagel, Chairman and Founder of the Abrahamic Business Circle; Matan Beeri, Deputy Mayor of the City of Eilat; Eyal Haimovsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority; Said Mouline, President of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency; Serge Berdugo, President of Jewish Moroccan Communities; and H.E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani of the Royal House of Sheba Crown Senator and President & Founder Business Gate & I AM AFRICA Platform, among many others. 

The event was held at the stunning La Mamounia hotel in Marrakech, where business discussions and deals took place not only on stage but in the hallways and lounges. The Global Investment Forum was conducted under the leadership of Jerusalem Post CEO Inbar Ashkenazi.

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