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A guide to Jerusalem real estate, construction boom, and traffic

In this new series of articles, we will look at Jerusalem’s continuous construction attempts, through real estate and public projects.

Mekorot completes successful financing round for water sector development

Mekorot, the national water company of Israel, completed the institutional stage of raising tradable bonds.

Israel promises improved train WiFi experiment, forgets start date

An experiment will begin improve WiFi and cellular reception on Israeli trains, but no start date or timetable has been announced.


GenCell unveils vision for GreenFSG circular energy economies in Dubai

GenCell Energy's new system, synthesizing green ammonia solely from water, sunlight, and air, promises to redefine the production and consumption of clean energy globally.

Energean PLC enters Morocco, giving hope amid Israel-Morocco tension

While the North African nation has been critical of Israel in recent months, this move could be seen as a way of continuing business relations via British proxy.

Alexey Izmalkov

New Israeli bus terminal charges electric buses wirelessly

Housed beneath the asphalt, Electreon’s technology charges vehicles wirelessly as they drive or park above.

Dan Hotels to become first Israeli hotel chain with majority green energy consumption

The Israeli hotel chain will purchase up to 75% of its electricity from Electra Power in a 10-year deal valued between NIS 300-350 million.

Is Jerusalem done letting the high-rise construction fever run rampant?

There are growing signs that Jerusalemites are no longer ready to accept the construction of 30-story and even 46-story towers throughout the city.


Mekorot announces third-quarter net profit of NIS 57 million

Mekorot has shown strong results for the third quarter and in general. Operating profit increased by NIS 200 million' says Mekorot CEO Amit Lang.

Bazan Group results for third quarter of 2023 shows net income of $115 million

Bazan has proven once again to be the cornerstone of the country's fuel supply.

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